Monday, November 01, 2010

Carry Me Down

Turning 50 and writing songs about dying. Hey ho.
Visited Dad in an age-care facility in Kaikohe, for his 90th birthday. I was tempted to use pictures of Dad in this, but it's his private business and the song isn't about Dad.
Lots of bum notes. Wish I could sing in tune.


Jane Robertson said...

What a way to acknowledge two landmark birthdays! I enjoyed. Love those low notes :-)

Rob said...

You are too kind :)

Ben Wilson said...

Big 50? I hope the thoughts of death have dissipated some since November.

btw, sorry to have missed your comment on my blog from May. It's very bad form to not respond to the only comment that blog has ever generated. I only discovered it today, and have turned on email notifications now so it doesn't happen again.