Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Dankest Winter in Living Memory

We are beset with under-runners and foul weather. Only the hope of a week or two living on hard-tack and hiding out from swine-flu keeps our spirits up. Awakeri has an itchy bottom, due to an infestation of crabs (and barnacles.)
There's now an 'add video' button on blogger: this seems dangerous.
I'm going to try it...

this is a video I made recently. Compressed in the fancy-schmancy h264. Hey ho- it seems to work!


Takahe said...

Just watched the whole of this and loved it. Something magical about the children's recreation of the GB shoreline. I particularly enjoyed a shot of Matty with his hands covered in paint. Coincidentally, I know and work with Helen - small world!

rob said...

Matty has amazing eyes- somehow Russian, out of Brothers Karamzov. I enjoyed making this- it just spoke for itself.
And I 'spose it's not astonishing that you know Helen- but yeah, small world!