Sunday, January 11, 2009

Summer at Windward Farm

Took one of the HD cameras from work home and got a chance to shoot a few scenes round the farm.

Blogger won't let me embed it- or I don't know how to get the html right. But it's here: Windward


Mr McLellan said...

Looks idyllic!
Have a great year, all of you.
Will catch up one day...

rob said...

hiya John.
do let us know if you're ever in chch. I'm in the book!

Derek said...

I agree. Does look Idylic

Takahe said...

Wow, I look straight across to (the GB side of) Mansons Peninsula; often see the horses. It is neat to see such a familiar landscape represented. Now I understand your under runner comment. It's a fairly unforgiving farming environment.

Also didn't know about Kaitangata. Now I understand Kaitangata Twitch!