Monday, February 07, 2005

new life

involves waking about 6.
making school lunches.
waking kids.
vowing yet again not to swear at them or get too furious.
leaving late.
spending (this morning) 10 minutes inching towards one particular intersection.
dropping them late for school.
sitting around with oscar waiting for his taxi (which he's not happy with.... doesn't enjoy sharing it with a couple of teenagers i think.)
arriving at work about 9 feeling ready for a good kip.
it's been a weekend of heat and swimming and very busy leisure.... so the whole family's tired and grumpy monday morning. ahh well, there's always work to look forward to.
three or five lessons to cut/script/voice... 10am and already i'm dreaming of the sea. cool, blue, the way the wind ruffles it, the salty, deep satisfying smell of it, taste of it.

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