Friday, December 17, 2004

christmas and cornflour

without being one of those wearisome types who mutter "i hate christmas" under their breath while simultaneously kicking a small child and peeing on your granny's flowerbed- while not in that league, christmas has tended to induce a weariness in me over the last few years.
well, less so this year.
i'll never forget talking to fine new zealand author jack lasenby- an outdoors type now in his seventies. after running down the modern world for while, and bemoaning his physical state, he said with wicked (and humourous) relish- "at least i can still hate!"
he had a point.
there's something uniquely energising about hate.
and while i more-or-less endorse the john lennon/jesus line that love's what's really important, some of the ominous trends worldwide- bush, islamic jihadism, global warming- the list is endless- and here in nz - the maxim institute, puling paul holmes, the dead rat in the heater of our van- well, it's energising to have some decent targets.
so raise a glass, haha-
here's to us-
and those like us-
and to hell with the rest!
merry christmas.
unless yr a supporter/employee/paid liar from the maxim institute. in which case, look out. my trained attack weasels will rip the skin off yr anus.

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