Monday, March 20, 2006

Eat a Peach

Or better still, plant a peach tree.
Of all the trees we've planted, few are as rewarding as fruit trees. And one of the best of these has been the Golden Queen peach.

This is the first year we've got a decent crop- and it's been delicious and plentiful. The birds get quite a few, but there are plenty for us. Some of my happiest childhood memories relate to eating fruit from the tree (not always legitimately), and it's something I want to pass on to the kids.

And tree-ripened on your own tree does taste better. Even when they're firm and not-quite-ripe, Golden Queens are good eating- not so juicy that they drip have to down the chin. At full ripeness, they are sweet nectar (and they drip- but it's worth it).

It's already getting cooler, the seasons shifting gear again. That's part of what gives bite and savour to my current life. The peaches won't be here for long. But they are glorious. And they are here NOW. Bite.

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